Pursue Your Dreams Without Fear

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Pursue Your Dreams Without Fear

25 May 2020

Do you often dream about quitting your boring day job and do something that is actually meaningful? Do you want to turn that idea you have had in mind to something bigger?  

You obviously do! But, the fear and the risk involved might be so high that you might take a step back from chasing your dreams. Maybe you want to jump off the career cliff and become self-employed, or move to another country, or start a non-profit, but you fear is holding you back from getting started. 

You fear what would happen if you risk too much and fail. You aren’t confident about your ideas and you let doubt take the driver’s seat. But what if you could build up your confidence to actually do what you love? 

The results would be mind-blowing!

Whether you have issues with self-esteem or becoming surer of yourself, here are 7 steps to be confident and pursue your dreams.

  1. Always Stay Positive

The first step to becoming self-confident to stay as away as possible from negativity. This means staying away from people as well as thoughts that will probably shed your confidence. Instead, find and spend time with people who will surround you with positivity and make you work towards your goals.

  1. Know Your Strength and Weaknesses

Do not depend on others to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Instead do it yourself and once you do, overcome your weaknesses and trust your capabilities. 

Come up with a list of things you are good at and enjoy doing, and yet another list of thing you need to improve at. The simple idea behind it is to find out and work on the areas that make you feel less confident. Once your weaknesses become your strength, you will gradually start becoming more and more confident.

  1. Forget The “If Only…” Mentality

To be honest, it is pretty easy to think about all the resources you don’t have. However, the difficult thing is to think about the ones you do have and leverage them to work for your dream. Find out how the tools already available to you can help you go forward for your goal and career.

  1. There Is Nothing Like A Secret Formula

There are no secret formulas when it comes to achieving your dreams and becoming successful. Successful people work and pursue their dreams with confidence. Sometimes their formulas work and sometimes it doesn’t. 

Everyone time a person decides to do something he/she actually wants to do, they create a new formula and it helps them improve. So, create your own formula and start working towards your dream.

  1. Stop Thinking, Start Doing

To get results, you need to start doing alongside thinking. You have to act upon what you have been thinking and planning. Thinking is hard and doing is easy. The more you think, the less you grow confident. 

  1. Never Be Afraid To Take Imperfect Action

Not everything goes as planned in the very attempt. Thus, when you are just getting started, don’t work yourself too much to get perfect results the first time. Instead, take baby steps that will help you get closer to your goals. Job done is always better than perfect.

  1. Stay 100% Committed

You need to be strongly committed to yourself and your ideas to successfully pursue your goals. When you work whole-heartedly towards your dreams, the chances are you will be successful in no time. 

Life is peppered with challenges and you can never sit back and take life too seriously. Overcome and abandon your fears, because not everyone is born confident. But you can always work towards becoming confident. 

With the right mindset, you will easily be able to be confident and achieve your dreams to become successful in life. 


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