10 Ways To Build A Strong Professional Network

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10 Ways To Build A Strong Professional Network

25 May 2020

Whether you are a novice or an expert in your industry, having a network of professional connections can always be your powerful tool to climb up the career ladder. 

For instance, When people are given an option to do business with someone, they would choose the person they know, like, and trust rather than someone whom they don’t know. 

So let’s dive deep into the primary methods of building a strong professional network.

  1. Make It A Habit

The rule of thumb is to make professional networking a part of your everyday life. Try to find and add professional acquaintances to your network daily or maybe weekly. It takes a lot of time to completely build a network. So, make it a habit and always stay connected with the diverse set of individuals. 

  1. Don’t Forget To Followup

Following up doesn’t take much time or effort and is a simple task. All you have to do is speak reach out to the people who you spoke with earlier to stay in touch and learn about the latest happenings. 

Neglecting this step will prove to be a huge drawback to your network building efforts as the time you invested in speaking with new people won’t pay off when it comes to career development.

  1. Practice Visibility

Start responding to people on LinkedIn and comment on people’s blogs and tweets. Chances they will look up who you and return the favour. Even better, they might eventually become a part of your professional circles as well. 

  1. Lend A Helping Hand

Effective networking is not always about what you do but your attitude towards what you are doing as well. Your attitude matters when it comes to influencing people in your life with whatever you do in your life. Also, your attitude also determines the way people will respond to you.  Thus, always be ready to offer help to people in need and your gesture will impress many.

  1. Hone Your Communication Skills

Networking happens through conversation. Thus, it’s important that you possess a decent level of communication skills and master the art of small talk to feel comfortable when meeting new people. By developing the right rapport, you will eventually be able to turn small talk into opportunities.

  1. Attend Events & Conferences

Events and conferences are great opportunities to build a strong professional network. Make sure you speak with every professional and connect with new people. 

  1. Start Your Own Networking Group

Yet another brilliant way of meeting like-minded people happens to be coming up with your own networking group. You being the head of the group will immediately be more connected and known to people.  

  1. Maintain Professionalism

Chances are, some of your networking contacts ultimately turned out to become great friends. However, remember to maintain the appropriate level of professionalism. Always be polite and use words like “please” and “thank you”.

  1. Reach Out To Your Ex-Colleagues

Your former boss and co-workers make great people to include in your professional network. Even if you are trying to switch careers, a connection with them will open countless opportunities which they could offer you.

  1. Show Interest

When you are in a conversation, show interest and take that opportunity to learn something about the person you are speaking to. Regardless of whether they have a passion for fur babies or skiing, showing interest means that you are concerned about something other than their career capacity. This will help you give off the impression that you actually want to get to know them rather than speak with them for your own benefit.

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